Movie Costumes

I have a thing for the estethic part of movie making; the art direction, set decoration, the cinematography, the makeup and the costume design. It can be a bit tricky to show you the art direction, the cinematography and set direction when it comes to pictures, so I will show you some of my makeup and costume design favorites instead
(and then you can look for the rest yourself).
I love how the costumes capture an era and a persons identity on screen,
and which era is better to start with then the mid-1950s:

Revolutionary Road (2008)
Costume designer: Albert Wolsky

The style is light, easy but still elegant and sleek-looking.
You can see a huge difference between the white dress April Wheeler (Kate Winslet) is wearing in the first picture and the more homely clothes she is using in the other pictures.
She is a dreamer, but still a housewife.

When it comes to Frank Wheeler (Leonardo Dicaprio), he wears more formal clothes at his office, with highwasted trousers, a tie and a hat. At home he looks more laidback.

pictures from allmoviephoto


Eirin said...

Denne filmen må jeg bare se! Jeg elsker begge disse to skuespillerne, og selvfølgelig tidsepoken filmen utspiller seg i. Tusen takk for hyggelig kommentar på bloggen min.


Pandora said...

Selv om filmen er nok så "rolig" så innser man at den har knust hjertet ditt når den er ferdig. Nydelig musikk har den også.

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