TV Costumes

Boardwalk Empire
pt 2

Costume designer: John A Dunn
Even more stills from the series.
I've posted from episode 1-4 earlier.
This time it's from episode 5-7
(better quality in full scale)


Leanne Elizabeth Manning. said...

Every outfit is amazing and you can tell every detail has been thought out =)

Rosy said...

Costumes of movies are always a great inspiration, I love "dive" in them. Lucid hats here are wonderful! You will allow me to follow your blog so I can come back often.

Pandora said...

Yes, they really are a great inspiration. And ofcourse I will allow you. It's an honour : )

-Megs- said...

I love boardwalk empire! Such a great series! Super excited for next season already!!


P.S. Thank you for following my blog!


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