Food choice

When I moved from my mum and dad I was very excited to try and not eat the same food everyday. I come from a family were we only had one kind of dish for each weekday (almost at least). When I moved, I tried to make different dishes, but then I stoped trying and started to eat the same over and over again. So I was thinking: I want to try different recipes (or at least more than just a few dishes). I spend most of my time at school and reading, so I don't want to spend alot of time making food. Still I want to try when I have the time, and to eat more fruit and vegetables.

Today I toasted a ciabatta with cheese and ham, and made a salad with peppers, carrot, spring onion and rucola salad + a banana and orange smootie

Do you have some good recipes, or some food blogs you can recommend?


Gunnhild said...

Ja! det har eg! Etter Frankrike har eg blitt mykje flinkare å lage mat frå scratch og er blitt skikkelig gira! Matblogar er gentialt, her er nokre favorittar:
(prøvde nett israeli couscous, lett å lage og fantastisk godt!)
http://eatmakeread.com/page/3/ (meir drinkar egentlig - men å så fine bilder!)

Pandora said...

Takk, Gunnhild!
Skal sjekke ut alt sammen! (:

Eirin said...

Å det der så veeeldig godt ut. Nam!!!!

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