Oscar nominations

The nominations are finally here, and I have to say that there were very few surpises. I will make this years list of my predictions and favorites when I've finished watching all the movies nominated, but I got a few left. So here is a list of all the movies nominated this year (the number stands for how many nominations the movies recieved this year):

Movies I've seen:

Blue Valentine (1)
Inception (8)
Black Swan (5)
The Kids are All Right (4)
Winter's Bone (4)
Dogtooth (1)
Social Network (8)
The Fighter (7)
The Town (1)
Rabbit Hole (1)
127 Hours (6)
Alice in Wonderland (3)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 1 (2)
Salt (1)

Movies I would like to see:
The King's Speech (12)
True Grit (10)
Biutiful (2)
Toy Story 3 (5)
Animal Kingdom (1)
How to Train Your Dragon (2)
The Illusionist (1)
I Am Love (1)
The Tempest (1)
Incendies (1)
Outside the Law (1)
In a better world (1)
Barney's Version (1)
The Way Back (1)
Another Year (1)
Hereafter (1)

Movies I don't want to see:
(because they are nominated for minor awards or I can't be bothered)
The Wolfman (1)
Unstoppable (1)
Tron: Legacy (1)
Iron Man 2 (1)
Country Strong (1)
Tangled (1)

Documentaries and shorts
(I will see if I got the time and I can get a hold on them)
Exit Throught the Gift Shop (1)
Gasland (1)
Inside Job (1)
Restrepo (1)
Waste Land
Killing in the Name (1)
Poster Girl (1)
Strangers No More (1)
Sun Come Up (1)
The Warriors of Qiugang (1)
Day & Night (1)
The Gruffalo (1)
Let's Pollute (1)
The Lost Thing (1)
Madagascar, a Journey Diary (1)
The Confession (1)
The Crush (1)
God of Love (1)
Na Wewe (1)
Wish 143

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