"Standing there, and at that time, my heart still resisted what my head was telling me. Even yet I had the feeling that it was all something too big, too unnatural really to happen. Yet I knew that it was by no means the first time that it had happened "

I started reading The Day of the Triffids on Friday, and in so many ways it seems like the perfect book to read at the moment. Today I have felt so proud of my country. It seems like it should be a time of anger and hate, but I have only felt love today. There are so many things I can say about this tragedy, but this blog I would like to keep abit seperated from my strong views and my deepest feelings. All I can say is that I'm not only proud of my country and the people in it, but I'm proud to be human and to be part of a world filled with so much solidarity. For some it will take abit of time before they can continue their lives, while some have been ready for a while now. Still, we will not forget. This blog is ready to live.

Lots of love!

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