Horror month

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I would really like to celebrate Samhain with someone, but since I ususally work or are occupied in Oslo around that time, I celebrate Halloween in the more commercial way by watching old horror movies. Last October I watched the Innocents (1961) and the Shining (1980), and this month I've already watched the Lake of the Dead (1958) and Rosemary's Baby (1968). Next on my list is the Wicker Man (1973), the Birds (1963), Repulsion (1965), Invasion of the Body Snatcher (1956), What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) and the Testament of Dr Mabuse (1933)

Have you seen any of these movies?


Eirin said...

Takk for koselig hilsen! Lenge siden sist! Alt vel her, håper det samme for deg. Anbefaler absolutt å se The Birds.De dødes tjern og Rosemarys baby har jeg også sett, og liker dem veldig!!!!! Freaks må jeg bare få sett. Samme med What happened... den har jeg lenge hatt lyst til å se.

Øyvind said...

ohhh! Lake of the Dead! of all the movies I saw when I was child that scared me the most.. when the "ghost" came up from the water with one tree leg, I ran behind the sofa to hide. I still really enjoy that movie. it got a creepy feel to it.

I can really recommend the first Dracula film from 1931. with Bela Lugosi. quite a chiller!

Miss K said...

I'm glad you liked it!

Pandora said...

Øyvind and Eirin: Jeg vil absolutt få sett The Birds og Dracula. Har vært alt for liten tid til å se på filmer i det siste merker jeg. Alt for mange tv-serier å se på :)

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