I'm coming up on infrared

Ok, I've been pretty lazy with this blog lately, which I've made a promise to myself that I will not be. I need this little place of "me", but in these times I got things on my mind that I simply don't want in here. This will not be my personal blog of negative thoughts and complaints, so I just need some time to get over it all.
In exchange I got plenty of blogentries all figuered out, and ready to be typed out.

In the meantime (or the little time I got on my hands now that the christmas "finaly" has arrived to the shop) I will spend my time at what I do best when I want to recover from something; read, read, dream, read.

I really do hope that you all have a merry christmas!

1 comment:

Serena said...

kan trygt si, at Tale of The Body Thief er utrolig festlig :p
ler meg ihjel når jeg leser den.

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